Age play is a form of roleplay where one or more partners acts as though they are a different age to what they are. This includes Adult Babies and can vary massively in intensity. Often the Domme will take on a 'caregiver' role which is soothing for the sub. 

Age play is available for both meetings and online sessions. ​

I have the following stocked for age play sessions in my dungeon:

  • ​ABDL onesies in various sizes

  • Nappies in a size to fit most

  • Pacifiers

  • Baby oil, lotion and powder

ABDL babysitting is a great session for me, I love to look after my baby and take on a motherly role. There are no limitations for me when it comes to this form of play, so don't be afraid to ask for the deep dirty scenarios you'd like! 

See my latest age play content: I

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