Give it all to your mistress. This may be as simple as an arrangement to stay chaste to long term use of a chastity device.

CB 6000 Device
CB 6000 Device

CB 6000 Device
CB 6000 Device


Chastity cages in various sizes are available to order from me for £50.

For long distance chastity agreements the best way to organise them is via message on OnlyFans. This is the easiest way to stay in constant contact with me while we initially arrange it as well as if I hold the keys to your device. Plus it's full of great content to ensure you stay thoroughly frustrated. 

Those of you who wish to enter a chastity arrangement with me through our real time sessions, this can be discussed when we are together in person. I prefer to explore options and possibilities together as you may think of something hot that I haven't and vice versa! We can come up with the ultimate scenario for the both of us. 

See my latest Chastity content:

Strap on fucking the sissy bitch
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