Where the sub has a choice between two or more unpleasant positions or outcomes.

Predicaments add a psychological aspect to the play, along with the physical sensations, which many people find enhances the experience.

Predicament bondage involves the sub choosing specifically between two difficult to endure forms of restraint. It’s typical for smaller or more sensitive body parts to be used in this style of bondage, such as fingers, toes, nipples, and even hair. This is because smaller movements will be more likely to be felt. Not all predicament bondage is painful or even serious. In some examples, a person is attached to a wall with strips of toilet paper, and instructed to not let the delicate paper break.

Alongside predicament bondage I also like to inflict different forms of ​mental predicament in subs. Sometimes making a sub choose between two evils. It shows devotion in a sub to carry out one of two tasks they may not enjoy.

See my latest predicament content:

Strap on fucking the sissy bitch
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