Tease & Denial

This is a practice that involves stimulating a sub mentally or physically and then stopping or reducing stimulation to keep the partner on the brink without allowing them to climax. 

PVC Catsuit
PVC Catsuit

PVC Skirt
PVC Skirt

PVC Catsuit
PVC Catsuit


I'm a natural born tease and it's inevitable that you'll experience some form of this with me. 

My personal favourite methods of teasing:​

  • Running my sharp nails against your skin

  • Allowing you to see a little of me but never enough

  • Always being physically well put together

  • Not giving into a subs desperate demands

  • Making incredibly suggestive remarks

  • Ruined orgasms

  • Chastity

See my latest tease and denial content:

Strap on fucking the sissy bitch
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